Why Book Dawn? - Social Media Speaker Dawn Raquel Jensen

Why book Dawn?

Social Media Speaker Dawn Raquel Jensen speaks at the IAAP

Over 20 Years Experience

With over 23 years experience working with small and mid-sized businesses, Dawn understands the entrepreneurial mindset of successful business owners, their grit, passion, fierceness, faith, & fortitude.

Navy Veteran

Spending eight years in Navy Reserve as mobile public affairs detachment team member, Dawn covered military, world, and national events published in national and international news outlets.

Technology, Software, & Social Media Trainer

Speaking and training to thousands on technology, social media, digital strategy, and business leadership, Dawn provides practical, hard-won, and actionable experience to the stage.

Cataylizes Knowledge & Impact

Entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs need to know the right questions and gain the answers or clarity to pursue the path forward.  Experience, hard-won knowledge, know-how, and education is what Dawn brings to her audience.

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Dawn Jensen on Radio Show for National Entrepreneur Associations
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Dawn Raquel Jensen Presenting
Dawn Raquel Jensen presents to IAAP at a Walt Disney World Resorts